The Best Western Plus Casino Royale Review

best western plus casino royale

The Best Western Plus Casino Royale Review

The Best Western Plus Casino in Nottingham is a long, rectangular building that offers a variety of gaming possibilities. When I was there during the opening weekend, there were several slot machines and roulette tables set up in a large room with carpeted flooring. A few feet away from where I sat playing slots was an electronic roulette table, which also had a high payout. All of these things combined make the Best Western Plus Casino in Nottingham an excellent location to play any kind of casino game.

In the main room, you’ll find the six roulette wheels that provide everyone in the casino with game options. These are the traditional black, red, and white coins that players have used for centuries in UK casinos. In addition to the roulette wheels, there are seven other options available. These include keno, baccarat, and three Jackpots that offer more than a billion dollars in payouts each month. There is so much money at stake that this is one of the most popular games at the Best Western Plus Casino. It also features a video screen that shows the winning combinations as they happen.

After the roulette, the games that I saw had a common theme. Slots seemed to be the most popular choice among players. I did see one or two video poker games, but they were not the focus of the entertainment. There were also a couple of craps games, including an instant poker game, which seemed to be fairly popular.

The casino has a bar with several tables, and there are several full service restaurants, including a full-service steakhouse. You can get breakfast at the hotel, as well as several local beers and wines. The casino offers several gaming options, and this is reflected in the prices of the various items being offered. The rates range from the standard five hundred pounds to more than one thousand pounds for slots, video poker, roulette, baccarat, and other games.

While at the Best Western Plus Casino Royal, I noticed a couple of promotional items around the lobby that were related to the casino. One had the image of a scantily clad woman in a bikini laying on a beach, while another showed a lady in a burlesque outfit laying on top of a person eating a chicken. The hotel itself, as well as the video poker machines, had several images of famous people.

Overall, my time was very pleasant. I met some interesting people and enjoyed all of the different types of gambling and food that was offered. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, I would definitely recommend that you include the Best Western Plus Casino Royale. It will make your gaming even more enjoyable!